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Kim Jinhyoung & Marcus Perkins Bejarano

Two Nights & Three Days is a musical comedy set in the South Korean military. It tells the story of Jowon, a young, ambitious female officer who believes that her dreams of becoming a four-star general are dashed when she is placed in command of the “fire battalion,” a group of ragtag soldiers counting down the days until their mandatory service is over. When the military announces its first-ever talent show, Jowon and her soldiers finally unite in their effort to win the contest by writing a musical. However, as the constant threat of war with North Korea continues to escalate and the realities of military life weigh upon them, they confront the following question: why should the talent show matter at all?

Developmental History

  • 2022 New York Theatre Barn - New Works Series

  • 2020 Eugene O'Neill NMTC

  • 2020 The PiTCH

  • 2019 29-Hour Equity Reading (NYC)

Marketing Design Kim Jinhyoung

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