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Kim Jinhyoung

Lyrics/Additional Book

Marcus Perkins Bejarano is is a song cycle-based musical comedy set in a bustling Korean jazz bar, Gidarim, on the outskirts of K-Town in wintery NYC. It follows lives of immigrants — Sehee, Korean painter; Tiago, Guatemalan office worker; Ore, Nigerian school teacher; Alden, 7-year-old student; Irina, Kazakh senior affected by snowstorms; — told by Noul, owner of Gidarim and our narrator. The characters all wait for something in their lives. While some choose to wait, others have no options but to wait — and some come to realize that they’ve been waiting for something, too. With New Year’s bringing pressure to change and joy, some give up, some persist, and some find themselves in situations they didn’t choose, but accept nonetheless. Why do we wait in life?

Developmental History

  • 2023 Verse Intro Cabaret - Showcase

  • 2022 Eugene O'Neill NMTC - Semi-finalist

Marketing Design Kim Jinhyoung

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