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Self-Imposed Client
South Korean Government


Taegeugi is a character representing South Korea. Taegeugi was born in the hopes of unifying politically ever-polarizing South Korea.

Project Overview

Character Design | Motion Graphic | Application Design

1. Problem: 
South Korea Is Politically Divided

According to the 2016 survey of 5,000 adult men and women conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea (MCST), the view that the conflict between liberals and conservatives is large was 76.5%, accounting for a very high rate.

Conflicts in SKorea.png

(Figure 1, Different conflicts in South Korea observed by 5,000 adult men and women)

(Figure 1, Different conflicts in South Korea observed by 5,000 adult men and women)

Conflicts 02.jpg
2. Insight:
Love Behind the Conflict

However, in the same report done by the MCST, 91.9% out of 5,000 people answered that they were proud of country's cultural heritage and cultural products. Underneath the conflict lied a shared love and pride for the country.

3. Goal Setting:
Should It Be Solved or Alleviated?

It would be impossible to completely solve the ideology polarization in Korea — also it would not make an ideal democratic country. As a matter of fact, the circle in the middle of the South Korean flag represents the universe's balance. The goal in tackling the problem should be to alleviate the conflict, not solving it.

Conflicts 01.png
4. Ideate:
Remind Them of Their Shared Love
korean flag.jpg

Diagram credit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What if there were a character design, using the South Korean flag, that reassured Koreans that it's okay to hold opposing viewpoints while also encouraging a more harmonious balance? What if it reminds people of their shared love for the country?


In fact, according to Presidential Committee for National Cohesion of South Korea, Koreans viewed that there i a severe ideological conflict between the conservatives and liberals, right and left.

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